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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Shiny No. 1


This afternoon, I went to the Hung Hom terminal to have the train tickets refunded. It is the place I went about twice a week before to catch trains to Guangzhou. After getting the refunds, I went to the McDonald's there to have a bite. The pace, the posture, the environs were so familiar as if I was there just yesterday. I sat there for about an hour, watching people eat, seeing people come and go, then, by the end of the hour, I picked myself up and left, a fresh man.

I had thought of buying a pack of beef jerky as a gift for Maggie from the 美珍味 store there. Girls of her age change their tastes quite often, but I think she would still savor beef jerky. I walked past the store, stood there for a moment, thought of buying a pack for myself instead, didn't, and walked on.

Last night, I thought of your nipping idea of writing a story about us--at the time, you said it was the love story between a communist and a capitalist. What transpired after the love had begun to fade--at least from your end--is even more arresting to me. Now I think I will write it.

I was asked to write for the South China Morning Post a few years back. It is an English newspaper in Hong Kong. I didn't think I had much to say, nor did I think my English was good enough. Writing is a craft that needs practice, in addition to needing some talents. I don't think I have talents, but I've been paying attention to how some good writings have moved me, so after a while, I should have learned something. Last night, lying on bed, with the thoughts rambling here and there, I allowed myself the idea of starting to drop my thoughts down on a consistent basis, say, once a day or once every two days. That would be a good drill. Perhaps, after some workouts, I would consider myself fitting to write for a newspaper. Then I thought of who I should write to. Of course, I can write to myself. That's what a diary is for. But having a different audience would command that much more drive to the exercise, and I can't think of a more attractive audience than you. I should have started doing this four years ago, and then things may have a different ending...



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