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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dear Mo again


After I've read your mail, I went downstairs to the park to walk off the tenseness that has been in mind and body for the past few days. I feel a bit more relaxed now.

I am new to the 友緣人. I posted my ad there on January 6. I've deleted the ad a few days ago. First, it has taken up almost all my spare time during this period. I consider it improper and impolite not to reply to someone who bothered to take the time to write or send me a card, and I've gotten quite a bit of response from the ad. Then, I believe I've found my友緣人in you.

What you said about the difference between meeting someone online and in person is certainly right in most cases. Most people would put up a façade even in real life, so it's doubly easy to do so on the net. Somehow, I sense that you are not that kind of person. I try not to be so myself, but my writing is probably more conversant than my speech.

As to the feelings I have of you, they are part of love. No love can exist without these good feelings. And who is to tell whether these feelings are not deep enough or could not last long enough? Mo, I hope one day I could have the good fortune to walk along with you in the flower market, to watch the delight in you in person when you choose and buy your flowers. I would also like to introduce you to other things of beauty I enjoy, like classical music, good books, NBA games and football matches.



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