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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chapter 1: The Encounter II

She felt his touch and him studying her. The sensuousness of his touch on her face was mesmerizing: the lightness of his fingers breezed down the forehead to the tip of her nose, then to her lips, went around them, slipped past the chin to the base of her throat and the top of her chest, hesitated, and then glided back up. She appreciated the courtesy of his fingers. She knew she was haunted by his touch. What she didn’t know was how much of her soul was devoured by his eyes.

Lying next to her, his face was just a few inches from hers. He could hear her breathe. When she breathed her nostrils flared slightly. He didn’t know if she realized this little charm of hers herself. The breathing was even and smooth. He knew she felt comfortable with him even this close. Suddenly, he was overcome with a sense of sadness. His brows twitched, and he felt a lump in his throat...

He quickly gathered himself, and felt filled with tenderness toward the woman in front of him. With the soft touch of his middle finger, he skimmed the lines of her lips with emotion. He noticed she did not have lipstick on. Her lips had a light rosy hue. One of her front teeth peeked out slightly through her lips. He found that very sexy, lowered his head, and wanted to kiss it with the tip of his tongue.

The wetness startled her and she opened her eyes. He wanted to apologize but also felt he didn’t have to. So he just smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

The disruption made him notice that they were lying on the bed in an awkward position. Half of their feet were hanging outside of the bed. It was not comfortable, sort of Newtonian though.

He climbed up and saw that she did not have her shoes on. He, on the other hand, had his right shoe on but not his left.

"Aww, look at how clumsy I'm!" he smirked at her sheepishly, signaling with his head in the direction of his feet.

She arched her head up and looked at his feet and smiled, without saying a word.

He got up and took off his right shoe, climbed back up onto the bed, and slid her gently to the head of the bed in the middle. All the while she did not say anything. She just looked at him tenderly with a slight smile and let him do whatever he wanted to do.

(to be continued...)



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