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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter 1: The Encounter IV

Half sitting on the bed, he held her up in his arms and kissed her fervently all over, on the lips, the face, the nose, the ears, the neck, the hair...While he was kissing her, his right hand slipped inside her red turtleneck and felt her body. It’s a lean and firm body. He ran his fingers along the silky smooth expanse of her back, touched her bra strap, moved the hand up to her shoulders and felt her collar bones. She had distinct collar bones.

As his right hand was feeling around her back, his left arm was holding her close to him. She, with half of her back on the bed, put her arms around his neck, tilted her head and kissed him. She kissed with passion. Her tongue courted his lips, slipped through his front teeth and went inside, tempting, exploring, searching. She was looking for love and for a man she could enjoy and depend on.

But no, no, not this fast. Only one time in her life had she sought out sex for sex’s sake and she regretted it to this day. She felt like a whore whenever she thought of it. The slightly bald image of the man and his smell from smoking flashed back to her and he felt her tongue hesitated. She couldn’t risk ruining this—not this time, not with him. This was a man she could care for and love and she could not make any mistakes. She didn’t want him to think she was an easy woman either. Mustering all her will, she tried to break the kiss and started to loosen her hold on his neck.

He felt her change. He didn’t know why but thought he should respect it. He slightly relaxed the grip of his left arm and let the kiss go. As his mouth was moving away from hers, he caught her eyes and saw the disappointment in them before a look of craving and vulnerability filled them. “Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you!” he whispered his soul into her ear and once again buried his lips into hers.

This time she let go and enjoyed his affection happily. The air was charged with both of their wants. As he caressed and sucked her tongue, she knew she could no longer resist the desire of her heart, her body. She wanted him. Once that thought became clear to her, she decided to give herself to him.

Their long, intense kiss was electrifying. He was hard. Flushed, he held her up, knelt beside her, and helped her off with her turtleneck. Then her trousers. Then her panties. And finally, her bra. She blushed, and instinctively put her arms over her chest. He knew he must not let her feel anything but respect and affection. He cupped her head gently and touched a kiss on her forehead.

Then and there, with that kiss, she knew he was her man.

When both of them were completely naked, they hugged and caressed each other’s body. His hand moved up to her breast and he touched the soft skin with his fingertips. Upon the touch, she quivered and moaned. It excited him. She had small but firm breasts. Her nipples were stimulated and hard. He buried his head into her chest and sucked at her excited nipples. She let out a happy, sensual groan, and pressed his head into her bosom...

(to be continued...)



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